Joyce F.

Thank you again for your presentation.  Everyone loved it.  Could we talk about having you come back again in March? 

Robert S.

Many thanks for a fine evening!  Have gotten more than a few messages this morning expressing gratitude.

Will look forward to scheduling another presentation (hopefully in person) in the spring.

Lisa C.

Thank you for a wonderful program Monday.  All who attended enjoyed it very much.

David G.

Your talks are greeted by wonderful reactions in our shul community and I personally want to thank you for your willingness to enhance our learning and understanding.

Linda and Rich S.

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job at Matt and Melissa’s wedding.  It was absolutely beautiful!  You did everything they wanted.  It was truly spectacular!

Jeff A.

Jessica and I appreciate all you have done for us.  Our sessions have helped us understand each other better and appreciate our love for each other.  Thank you for making us stronger.

Jessie P.

Thank you for yesterday’s lecture.  It was very informative and the MILL members definitely would like you to present again sometime in the near future. 

Michele P.

Thank you for doing a wonderful job yesterday.  The presentation was really excellent- the information was well organized, interesting and relevant for people.  Everyone enjoyed meeting you and learning with you.

Barbara and Thom B.

We appreciate that through you, Rabbi Stephen Karol, the world of the Hebrew Scriptures has been opened up for us. Through the many courses you have presented at OLLI, we have come to a new understanding of this text and how it relates to the practice of our religion. Thank you for the time that you volunteer to present these workshops to the members of OLLI.

Hannah G.

Thank you Rabbi Karol for your Zoom sessions. I have become reacquainted with our family Bible, a book whose pages hadn’t been turned in many years.