My Book

bookcoverThis book is about giving people hope and faith, comfort and inspiration when a death occurs. It is based on my experiences throughout my forty-year career as a rabbi in helping my congregants deal with the emotions and thoughts that occur when a loved one dies. I have grown to understand, and have taught about, the importance of community when we are mourners, and of the absolute emotional and spiritual power of prayer. In fact, there are some Jews who come to one service during the year – the Yizkor (Memorial) service on Yom Kippur – and who forbid their children from being there because they believe it is tempting Fate.The book includes lessons that I have learned personally and professionally, lessons that are relevant to the very real issues brought on by sorrow and regret. My messages not only educate those who read them, but also convey a sense of faith and hope that can positively affect our transition from mourning to living our lives. And, they are valid for Jews and non-Jews alike, those who attend services, and those who don’t.

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