Ann S.

Thank you for this beautiful presentation and thank your wife for the beautiful music.

Jill M.

Thank you Rabbi! Beautiful job. The music was gorgeous. I have already gotten positive feedback. Thanks to Donna, too. 

Aaron B.

Just wanted to take another opportunity to say thank you to you for sharing about the book.  Not only were people very taken with the presentation about this book, but lots of people expressed interest in your next one. 

Stephen G.

And thanks again for your beautiful shiur on June 12th!  It really was a tour de force!  The slide show was brilliant!  I have received many lovely comments from congregants expressing gratitude for your presentation.

Geoffrey F.

All my family members were so comforted by the ceremony and its words that you gave at my mother’s funeral. My mother would have been so pleased. Thank you!

Richard A.

Many thanks for your presentation tonight. I am grateful for your willingness to be with us and you brought a great sense of passion to the discussion. Also thanks to your wife for the tech and music.

Rebecca S.

I want to thank you for all you did to make our mother’s graveside service go as smoothly as anyone under such circumstances could do. Over the years, my sister has shared many things about you and I have seen this first-hand as well. You have helped to bring peace to our entire family & friends. Your caring  & helpfulness to our family will long be remembered. 
Thank you, Rabbi Karol.

Kate and Jacob K.

We would like to thank you again for officiating our wedding. While we had no doubt the ceremony would be perfect, it was really a testament that so many of Kate’s relatives had such great things to say. While there is so much involved in a wedding, we will never forget standing under the chuppah and hearing your words

Betsy M.

The Bob Dylan talk was great! It was really so interesting.

Lisa C.

I just wanted to thank you again for your awesome presentation on Monday. My group is still talking about it. I received an email from a member who would like you to talk at her peer group at Hofstra. I know our group would love to have you back again.